Thursday 22 December 2016

Lasting Solution to DND Problem

DND service was introduced on July 1st 2016 by the NCC, many of us were excited and rightly so. It was high time something was done to the incessant unsolicited text messages we receive from network operators. 5 months down the line and now many wish they never subscribed for it, owing primarily to the frustrating constant cases of undelivered bulk SMS due to DND issues. It has been disastrous, to say the least.

Here at SmsAlart, from day 1 of the implementation of this service, we have been working our socks off to ensure our clients still get solutions in spite of this unfortunate situation that the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has brought upon us.


We took it upon ourselves to inform the public, existing clients and prospective ones alike, how to opt out or unsubscribe from DND service. This has helped a lot of persons who got into the DND list by default, without their consent.

To unsubscribe,

For MTN Lines Text STOP to 2442 and after 5 Minutes Text ALLOW to 2442.

For AIRTEL lines Text STOP to 2442 and after 5 Minutes Text OUT to 2442.

For GLO Lines Text STOP to 2442 and after 5 Minutes Text CANCEL to 2442.

For ETISALAT Lines Text STOP to 2442 and after 5 Minutes Text START to 2442.

Our primary objective here at SmsAlart is to get your messages all delivered and at the time you want them to get delivered. Therefore, we understand that delivery of your bulk SMS is still of paramount importance to you too. That is why it will interest you to know that we are currently working on a system that will enable your bulk SMS get delivered to everybody, numbers on DND inclusive. It’s time to get excited.

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